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Attractive grey-green foliage and bright yellow flowers with contrasting maroon central rings. Particularly strongly perfumed early in the morning and
Madia Seeds Elegans
£ 0.99
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Vigorous plants producing lots of exceptionally sweet buttons per plant. The plants hold well, providing a long harvest window (October-March) and per
Brussels Sprout Seeds F1 Content
£ 1.99
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Excellent weather resistant bedding plants, bushy and uniform in habit. Flowers are large, with incurving petals and colours are bright and clear. Ide
Aster Seeds Milady Mix
£ 2.49
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Developed by James Wong Liven up a fruit salad, muesli or trifle. Enjoy the same way as a normal strawberry. One of the easiest fruit crops to grow. G
Strawberry Seeds Red & White Wild Mix
£ 2.49
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Deep pink ice-cream swirl style flowers! Adding texture to any summer pot or border. Flowers July-September. Height 11-20cm. HA Hardy annual. Unusual
Celosia Seeds Ice Cream Pink
£ 2.50
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3 non-adhesive window decorations, each 7. 5cm x 2m. Designs may vary.
Border Roll Triple Pack
£ 2.50
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Ideal for growing in window-boxes and pots, and very attractive in flower. Produces good crops of round, extra fine, absolutely stringless pods approx
Bean (dwarf French) Seeds Mascotte
£ 2.99
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This vigorous, easy-to-grow heirloom variety is like no tomato you've ever seen before! Perfect for baskets, window boxes or raised patio containers,
Tomato Seeds Hundreds And Thousands
£ 3.99
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A bright, long-flowering, 3 colour mix, ideal for baskets and containers. Quick-blooming, brightly coloured annual. Height 30-35cm (12-14). HHA Half h
Nemesia Seeds Poetry
£ 4.99
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Will cascade from hanging baskets and window boxes like a waterfall of dazzling rose/purple flowers. With blooms produced all along the trailing stems
Petunia Supaseeds F1 Purple Wave
£ 4.99
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