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These unique holiday watering mats expand to provide a reservoir of water available to plant roots providing watering for 14-21 days, with no need for
Holiday Watering Mat
£ 1.00
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Curly Cress has a tongue tingling taste, which will liven up your sandwiches and salads. Sow my seeds: January-December. Choose a container with small
Fun To Grow Seeds: Cress Gang
£ 1.35
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Presented By Oaklands College Old Boy (a Classmate Of Our Own Horticulturist Martin Fiddes) And Telegraph Gardening Columnist Tom Petherick, Gardening
Gardening During A Water Shortage Dvd
£ 1.50
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Use green portion of leaves as for spinach. The thick white midribs should be cut into sections, cooked for a few minutes in boiling, salted water, an
Beet (leaf) Seeds Silver Or Sea Kale
£ 1.55
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A crisp-textured variety with a delicious pungent flavour. High in vitamin C. Grows well in wet soil. Crop as baby leaves or allow to mature.
Cress Seeds Watercress Aqua
£ 1.55
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Pond Netting This High Density Polyethylene Heavy-duty 45mm Mesh Pond Protection Netting Is Ideal For Keeping Larger Leaves Out Of Ponds And Water Fea
Pond Netting Heavy Duty 45mm Mesh
£ 1.95
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The Maxi-a Frame Accessories Available Include:-irrigation Kit Easy To Fit With Adjustable Sprinkler Heads And Connects To Standard Hose Connectioncap
Maxi A-frame Vegetable Garden Accessories
£ 1.95
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One feed lasts all summer! Simply mix evenly with a good quality compost before planting out and water well. The granules will release nutrients to th
Controlled Release Fertiliser
£ 1.95
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How tall can you grow this amazing sunflower? Water and feed it well and support it against a wall or with a long cane. You can use your tape measure
Sunflower Seeds Giant Grower (tall Single)
£ 1.99
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Tasty, tangy leaves to pick as required. Ideal for salads or cooking, it can be harvested all summer. Fast maturing cut and come again. To keep leaves
Rocket Seeds
£ 1.99
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