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One of the best known varieties, Wallflower Fire King produces masses of rich scarlet blooms throughout spring. The most popular spring bedding item v
Wallflower Seeds Fire King
£ 1.75
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A traditional spring favourite that will light up beds and borders with its vibrant, golden-yellow flowers. The most popular spring bedding item very
Wallflower Seeds Cloth Of Gold
£ 1.75
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Bred by Suttons Group, this superb variety boasts a wide range of beautifully contrasting colours. The branching plants are fully winter hardy and ide
Wallflower Seeds Lollipop
£ 1.99
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Contains many of the beautiful colours seen in Persian Carpets including cream, apricot, orange, rose, purple and gold. The most popular spring beddin
Wallflower Seeds Persian Carpet Mix
£ 1.99
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A fully winter hardy mix consisting of deep reds and purples, bright oranges and yellows, white and a unique bright red. Compact, well-branched, unifo
Wallflower Seeds F1 Tequila Sunrise
£ 2.99
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Beautiful fragrant yellow blooms in early spring (February-April). The most popular spring bedding item very fragrant. Flowers February-April. Height
Wallflower Seeds Canary
£ 4.49
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This evergreen perennial wallflower produces a mass of tall flower spikes of purple and deep mauve colours over narrow grey-green leaves. Flowers Febr
Erysimum Plant Bowles Mauve
£ 7.99
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Great for the bees and butterflies, these flowers produce an effect of different colours ranging from reds to purple. Flowers May-July. Height 20-30cm
Erysimum Plant Red Jep
£ 7.99
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Marbled flowers that change from purple to pink and then to light yellow. Flowers April-July. Height 30-40cm (12-16); spread 30-40cm (12-16). These ha
Erysium Plant Plant World Lemon
£ 7.99
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A striking deep red coloured wallflower variety with a spicy fragrance. Growth is compact and bushy to help give a great colourful display early in th
Wallflower Plant Blood Red
£ 8.99
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