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Dwarf, compact plants producing round roots with tender yellow flesh. Very hardy with outstanding keeping qualities. Excellent for storage and exhibit
Turnip Seeds Golden Ball
£ 1.55
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Flat-topped roots, white with purple crown. Quick maturing, useful in frames and under cloches. Tender when young, with an excellent mild, sweet flavo
Turnip Seeds Purple Top Milan
£ 1.55
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A very popular, quick-growing, round variety with white skin and solid flesh of mild flavour. Specially recommended for table and exhibition. Variety
Turnip Seeds Snowball
£ 1.55
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This purple and white skinned turnip can be spring sown for summer and autumn lifting or, because of its hardiness, sown later for winter use through
Turnip Seeds Armand
£ 1.99
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A truly unique turnip, with an exquisite flavour which can be likened to a melon. It is very juicy and tastes equally good sliced or grated in a salad
Turnip Seeds Sweetbell F1
£ 1.99
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Developed by James Wong Quick and unbelievably easy to grow. Crisp, peppery roots can store for winter use. Treat them mean and keep them keen! The di
Radish Seeds Mooli
£ 2.49
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Contains Snowball and Golden Ball in equal quanties. Harvest June-December. Quick maturing tasty white and yellow fleshMild sweet flavourEasy to growU
Turnip Seeds White & Yellow
£ 2.50
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Now Available as Seeds Normally supplied as plants only, this popular variety is now available in seed. Smooth roots with beautiful white flesh which
Celeriac Seeds Brilliant
£ 2.99
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Delivery From Late April Onwardsalthough Popular In Europe, Kohl Rabi Is Not That Common A Vegetable In The Uk. It Tastes Somewhere Between A Cabbage
Kohl Rabi Delicacy Purple (10 Plants) Organic
£ 5.95
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Smooth roots with beautiful white flesh which does not discolour. Makes an excellent addition to mashed potato! Also known as Turnip Rooted Celery, it
Celeriac Plants Brilliant
£ 6.99
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