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Weve Designed These Aluminium Greenhouse Staging Foot Plates To Prevent The Legs Of Our Greenhouse Staging Units And Seed Tray Racks From Sinking Into
Aluminium Greenhouse Staging Foot Plates
£ 1.00
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The Maxi-a Frame Accessories Available Include:-irrigation Kit Easy To Fit With Adjustable Sprinkler Heads And Connects To Standard Hose Connectioncap
Maxi A-frame Vegetable Garden Accessories
£ 1.95
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Sow Twinkle in a tray indoors at any time of year and enjoy delicious, crunchy, vitamin packed, pea-flavoured shoots in just 3 weeks. Provides a secon
Pea Shoots Seeds Twinkle
£ 2.79
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Grease trays are important to have on your gas grill. Napoleon's Grease Trays are a convenient way to keep your grill and outdoor living area clean. N
Grease Trays (5 Pack) Medium
£ 3.00
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Giraffe Propagator contains: 12 expanding Jiffy 7 compost pellets, waterproof tray, propagator lid, Sunflower Giraffe seeds. Sunflower Gifaffe Seeds E
Giraffe Propagator
£ 3.99
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Twinkle Tendrils tastes like. . the taste of freshly picked peas to mix with your salads, fish and poultry. 1 kit will provide 3 crops however you can
Microgreens Windowsill Allotment Twinkle Tendrils
£ 3.99
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The Seed Catching Tray And Hook Is Compatible For Use With Our Bird Feeding Stations And Can Be Secured To The Cross Bars Of The Stations. this Handy
Bird Seed Feeding / Catching Tray And Hook
£ 4.95
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Clear, lightweight propagator lids to enhance the growing environment! Half size Propagator Lids: 23 x 17 x 12cm (9 x 61/2 x 5). PACK of 5.
Seed Tray Lids Half Size
£ 4.99
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Tough, top quality seed trays that will give you years of good service. Now with stronger rims for extra rigidity and improved 2 tier drainage. Add cl
Seed Trays
£ 4.99
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A seed dispenser designed especially for planting small flower and vegetable seeds, and particularly ideal for pots and plug trays. Quick and easy to
Magic Seeder
£ 5.99
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