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Harrod Build Your Own Node Wall Trellis Gives You Great Flexibilty To Create Your Own Wall Trellis To Perfectly Fit Your Space, Using Solid Steel Bars
Harrod Build Your Own Trellis
£ 1.85
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Both Sizes Of The Steel Ground Pegs Are Manufactured From Galvanised Steel Ensuring A Long Life And Are Ideal For Holding Down Cloches, Netting Of All
Steel Ground Pegs (10 Pack)
£ 2.95
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Steel blue skin and bright orange flesh with a sweet nutty flavour, and averaging 3-4kg (6-9 lb) in weight. The storage potential is excellent; it can
Squash Seeds F1 Crown Prince
£ 2.99
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For Those With An Irregular Shape Pond, Our Combination Of 25mm/1 Square X 1. 5mm Thick Galvanised Steel Linking Bars And Tough Nylon Connectors Will
Build Your Own Pond Cover
£ 3.45
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Spare Steel Fruit Cage Connectors For Our Heavy Duty Steel Fruit Cage. Supplied Individually As Spare Parts For Our Steel Fruit Cagesgdn-676 2 Way Con
Steel Fruit Cage Spare Connectors
£ 3.95
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A very useful little double-ended stainless steel gardening tool for transplanting seedlings and inserting cuttings. No respectable gardener should be
£ 3.99
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Our New Galvanised Steel Hoop Linking Rods Easily Fix To Our 19mm Plant Hoops For Extra Rigidity And To Prevent Netting Sagging Between The Hoops, Per
Hoop Linking Rods
£ 4.45
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The Seed Catching Tray And Hook Is Compatible For Use With Our Bird Feeding Stations And Can Be Secured To The Cross Bars Of The Stations. this Handy
Bird Seed Feeding / Catching Tray And Hook
£ 4.95
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Make Installation Of Your Walk-in Steel Fruit And Vegetable Cage Even Easier Especially In Particularly Hard Or Stony Soil With Our Steel Ground Socke
Steel Ground Socket Driving Cap
£ 4.95
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The Sphere Finials Add The Finishing Touch To Our Vintage Vegetable Cages And Can Be Added To The Vertical Steel Rods When Designing Your Own Vintage
Vintage Vegetable Cage Sphere Finials
£ 5.45
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