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Try these deeply curled, crimson/purple leaves in salads, cooked or as an ingredient in soups. The colour, flavour and texture is outstanding! Recomme
Kale Seeds Scarlet
£ 1.55
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Dwarf, compact plants producing round roots with tender yellow flesh. Very hardy with outstanding keeping qualities. Excellent for storage and exhibit
Turnip Seeds Golden Ball
£ 1.55
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The Maxi-a Frame Accessories Available Include:-irrigation Kit Easy To Fit With Adjustable Sprinkler Heads And Connects To Standard Hose Connectioncap
Maxi A-frame Vegetable Garden Accessories
£ 1.95
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Plants perform well on a range of soil types and produce an outstanding number of buttons per stem for late season use. Sprouts boast a distinctive bu
Brussels Sprout Seeds F1 Brenden
£ 1.99
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A flexible and productive variety. Performs well under stressed conditions due to its vigorous root system. Very good standing/holding ability without
Cabbage Seeds F1 Mozart
£ 1.99
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Tall-growing, strong parsley. Mid-green foliage with an attractive curl. An improved sdelection of the standard moss curled variety, it's very easy to
Parsley Seeds Moss Curled 2
£ 1.99
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An outstanding morning glory variety, producing loads of medium-to-small white flowers, each liberally splashed with red, purple and rose. And unlike
Morning Glory Seeds Kiss Me Quick
£ 1.99
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An excellent green/dark red iceberg lettuce, whose crisp, sweet, tightly wrapped heads stand well without bolting. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. T
Lettuce Seeds Red Iceberg
£ 1.99
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Supplied In 3 Parts, The Plant Label And Stand Simply Click Together To Create A Freestanding Large Angled Label. The Face Of The Label Has Holders To
Black A5 Angled Label And Stand
£ 2.25
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A mix of vigorous-growing varieties that stand well and perform well on a range of soil types, cropping successionally and ensuring that you have a pl
Brussels Sprout Seeds F1 Continuity Mix
£ 2.49
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