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Weve Designed These Aluminium Greenhouse Staging Foot Plates To Prevent The Legs Of Our Greenhouse Staging Units And Seed Tray Racks From Sinking Into
Aluminium Greenhouse Staging Foot Plates
£ 1.00
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A well-known variety which comes in a lovely mixture of soft colours. An attractive 'cottage garden favourite, producing large flowers in the distinct
Canterbury Bell Seeds Cup And Saucer Mix
£ 1.75
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Dense, curved spikes of soft lavender flowers, over a long period. Ideal for cutting. Helps encourage butterflies into your garden! Flowers July-Septe
Phacelia Seeds Lacy
£ 1.99
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A mix of mainly soft pastel shades. Lovely border plants, blooming when spring colours are fading. Very attractive to bees and other beneficial insect
Poppy Seeds Iceland Poppy
£ 1.99
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Delicious soft, buttery leaves of impressive colour, which becomes more intense in summer. Excellent disease resistance and good uniformity. Elongated
Lettuce Seeds Dixter
£ 1.99
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A red-leaved Little Gem with leaves that have a soft, buttery texture. Excellent uniformity and disease resistance and impressive colour. Ideal for ra
Lettuce Seeds Amaze
£ 1.99
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Dwarf, compact plants bearing large crested flowers of soft orange. Easy to grow, extremely popular bushy, weather-tolerant plants for beds, borders a
Marigold French Seeds Orange Winner
£ 2.49
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This Flexible And Reusable Tie Is Made From Strong Wire, To Provide Secure Support, With A Soft Outer Coating To Be Gentle On Delicate Stems. the Plan
Flexible Garden Tie
£ 2.95
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Soft Mesh Butterfly Netting Is Soft To The Touch But Definitely Hard On Butterflies, This Butterfly Netting Is The Ideal Material To Keep Your Home Gr
Butterfly Netting Soft Mesh
£ 3.25
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The sky is the limit, but Cosmos Xanthos goes beyond. An amazing new dwarf, early flowering cosmos bearing masses of single round flowers (some with a
Cosmos Seeds Xanthos
£ 3.99
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