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Our Snail Barrier Netting Is An Exceptionally Strong, Tear Resistant Netting Made From Black 90gsm Dual Weave High Density Polyethylene. The Framework
Snail Barrier Netting
£ 2.95
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This Environmentally Friendly Way Of Protecting Your Flowers, Plants, Fruit And Vegetables From Slugs And Snails Also Helps To Retain Soil Moisture. a
Slug Gone
£ 4.95
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These snails eat algae from the sides of the pond, helping to keep them clean! (Please note: There is a 5. 00 surcharge when ordering this item. )
Ramshorn Snails
£ 4.99
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Slug And Snail Copper Tape Will Protect Your Pots, Planters And Greenhouse Staging From Marauding Slugs And Snails Its The Go-anywhere Alternative To
Slug And Snail Copper Tape
£ 5.95
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This Copper Impregnated Ground-cover Matting Allows You To Protect Larger Areas And Has Been Well Proven To Repel Slugs And Snails Preventing Them Get
Slug And Snail Shocka Mats
£ 8.95
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Our flexi copper tape forms a barrier around the outside of pots and raised beds that not only stops slugs and snails in their tracks but also, being
Flexi Copper Tape
£ 8.99
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The New Grazers G2 Formula Is A Unique Product Deterrent That Combines Using A Very Safe But Effective Formula Whilst Having No Detrimental Impact On
Grazers G2 Slugs And Snails
£ 9.95
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Quirky animals reclining on moss effect balls. These delightful characters are perfect for decorating your garden beds, lawns, patios and balconies. M
Mossy Mates (single)
£ 9.99
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Keeping your young plants safe couldnt be easier than with these ingenious sun huts. Simply place over young seedlings to keep them protected from slu
Sun Huts
£ 9.99
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1. 2m x 1. 2m x 1. 2m insect poly cover for Popdome has an easy zipped access on one side, made from UV-treated materials for long life, and feature a
Popadome Insect Cover
£ 12.99
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