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Protect fruit and veg from muddy splashes, deter slugs, suppresses weeds and retains moisture. Each mat is approximately 50cm (20) x 50cm (20).
Mulch Mat
£ 3.99
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A wonderful old fashioned taste, which absorbs less fat when it is cooking. Good for the show bench and resistant to slugs. Colour white, blue. Shape
Seed Potatoes Kestrel 1kg
£ 4.49
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Red, oval, unprecedented blight resistance, good slug resistance, vigorous weed suppressing foliage and it grows well in a wide range of soils. Maincr
Seed Potatoes Sarpo Mira 1kg
£ 4.49
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This Environmentally Friendly Way Of Protecting Your Flowers, Plants, Fruit And Vegetables From Slugs And Snails Also Helps To Retain Soil Moisture. a
Slug Gone
£ 4.95
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Our organic fyba mats will protect strawberries, salad crops and newly planted shrubs from muddy splashes, deter slugs, suppress weeds and retain mois
Mulch Mats
£ 4.99
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A well known, heavy-cropping variety with russet skin and a distinctive floury taste. Superb for roasting and baking. Good resistance to slugs. Stores
Seed Potatoes Golden Wonder 1kg
£ 4.99
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Slug And Snail Copper Tape Will Protect Your Pots, Planters And Greenhouse Staging From Marauding Slugs And Snails Its The Go-anywhere Alternative To
Slug And Snail Copper Tape
£ 5.95
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These Organic Blue Advanced Slug Pellets Are Eventually Returned To The Soil After Being Broken Down By Micro-organisms (into Iron And Phosphate) And
Advanced Slug Pellets
£ 6.95
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Em Slug Halt Is A Natural Seashell Mix Adding Valuable Trace Minerals To Your Soil While Stopping Slugs From Getting To Your Plants. Suitable For Flow
Em Slug Halt
£ 6.95
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Frogs Are Good For The Garden Anyway With Their Slug Devouring Habits A Particularly Welcome Trait, And The Brass Frog Tap Will Only Increase Your Adm
Brass Frog Tap
£ 7.95
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