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Unlike other Nepeta species, this is the true catmint. Aromatic silver-grey foliage, and white flowers finely spotted with purple. Cats will chew it,
Catmint Seeds
£ 1.55
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Use green portion of leaves as for spinach. The thick white midribs should be cut into sections, cooked for a few minutes in boiling, salted water, an
Beet (leaf) Seeds Silver Or Sea Kale
£ 1.55
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Compact plants with a bushy habit and oval-shaped, silvery-white leaves. Height 30cm (12). Silvery foliage accentuates colours in other plantsCompact
Cineraria Maritima Seeds Cirrus
£ 1.75
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Neat plants with ferny, deeply divided leaves, silver-grey and woolly. Compact and ideal for edging your beds and borders. A great colour foil for mos
Cineraria Maritima Seeds Silver Dust
£ 1.75
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Paris Silverskin is a tasty onion that's excellent for salads or pickling. Easy to grow, there's no thinning required.
Onion Seeds Paris Silverskin
£ 1.75
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White Lisbon is an ever popular Spring Onion, very quick growing, with silvery skin and mild flavour. Recommended by the National Institute of Agricul
Onion (salad) Seeds White Lisbon
£ 1.75
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A similar blue flower to the ever popular Crystal Palace, but the blooms have a distinctive white eye and the foliage is a rich green. A great compani
Lobelia Seeds Mrs Clibran (bush Variety)
£ 1.99
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Quick-growing plants producing spectacular silver-green foliage topped with magnificent plum-coloured blooms, followed by attractive seed heads that c
Poppy Seeds Laurens Grape
£ 2.49
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Beautiful finely cut, silvery-grey foliage with a delicious oregano scent, topped by attractive violet-blue flowers that are produced all summer. Easy
Lavender Seeds Multifida Blue Wonder
£ 2.79
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The Decorative Pearls Are Supplied In A Handy Resealable Jar So You Can Use As Much Or As Little As You Like. Ideal For Vases And Lanterns But Also Lo
Decorative Pearls By Sia
£ 2.95
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