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A lovely climber. Quickly covers fences, trellises, sheds, etc. with pretty trumpet flowers. At the end of the season plants die, and no roots remain
Convolvulus Major Seeds Trumpet Mix
£ 1.75
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A superb, yellow-fleshed beetroot, providing great colour in salads or pickles. Leaves can be cooked like spinach. Row 4. 5m (15). Globe variety. Matu
Beetroot Seeds Burpees Golden
£ 2.49
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Stunning white flowers with a blusing pastel pink throat. Flowers July-October. Height 251-300cm. HHA Half hardy annual. Quickly cover up ugly walls,
Ipomoea Seeds White Pink Blush
£ 2.50
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Throw Such Words As Unglamorous And Workmanlike At These Plastic Plant Labels But Theres No Escaping The Fact Just How Useful They Can Be In Both The
Plastic Plant Labels
£ 2.95
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A new yellow F1 hybrid Nantes type carrot, producing superb crisp-fleshed roots with excellent colour and delicious flavour. Easy to grow.
Carrot Seeds F1 Gold Nugget
£ 2.99
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An old favourite, introduced over fifty years ago. The round, white-fleshed tubers are firm and waxy when young and retain their fine taste. New, boil
Seed Potatoes Foremost 1kg
£ 4.49
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This heritage variety is one of the few red-skinned, cream-fleshed earlies, high dry-matter (floury). It has a fine flavour and gets quite big. New, b
Seed Potatoes Red Duke Of York 1kg
£ 4.49
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A national favourite with firm texture; high numbers. A familiar second early producing a large crop of round, small/medium, white-fleshed tubers that
Seed Potatoes Maris Peer 1kg
£ 4.49
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Colour white. Shape oval. Easy to grow; eelworm resistance RO1. A popular early variety that is favoured for its tasty, white, waxy-fleshed tubers. Ne
Seed Potatoes Pentland Javelin 1kg
£ 4.49
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An early-to-mature, red-fleshed variety with a spicy taste, excellent for use in salads and cooking. Plant from February onwards.
Shallot Bulbs Red Gourmet
£ 4.49
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