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Unlike many salvias, Oasis is both early to bloom and long-lasting, and its colour doesn't fade, even in hot conditions. It's robust and easier to gro
Salvia Splendens Seeds Oasis
£ 1.35
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Large heads of rich lavender-blue blooms. Stunning grown with red salvias! Ideal for edging or creating colour drifts. HHA Half hardy annual. Height 2
Ageratum Seeds Blue Mink
£ 1.75
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Masses of blooms above colourful furry foliage. An excellent long-flowering perennial. Reputed to have healing properties. Height 100-120cm (3-4'). HH
Salvia Sclarea Seeds Euphoria
£ 1.99
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Mounded plants producing a profusion of small, golden flowers throughout the summer. Bushy plants covered with single flowers. Lovely for bedding and
Tagetes Tenuifolia Pumila Seeds Golden Gem
£ 1.99
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A harmonious mixture of blue, pink and white. Easy to grow, bushy plants with brightly coloured bracts. Flowers mid June-September. Height 41-50cm. HA
Salvia Horminum Seeds Bouquet Mix
£ 1.99
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Vivid scarlet. Early blooming. Extremely popular for summer bedding, superb grown with blue ageratum. Free-flowering, compact plants. HHA Half hardy a
Salvia Splendens Seeds Blaze Of Fire
£ 2.49
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Vigorous border plants producing dense spikes of violet-blue flowers in summer. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. HHA Half hardy annual. Height 60cm (
Salvia Farinacea Seeds Victoria
£ 2.99
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Stunning spires of flower stems filled with purple/blue whorls of blooms that create an intense, impactful display throughout the summer. Bees and bug
Salvia Seeds Purple Fairy Tale
£ 2.99
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Clean snowy white colour. Beautiful spikes of white flowers are accented by fragrant, grey-green foliage. Compact habit. Height 41-50cm. Flowers May-J
Salvia Nemorosa Plant Snow Hill
£ 3.33
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In three beautiful colours, Seascape is weather tolerant (especially to drought) and flowers all summer. Perfect on its own or as a foil to stronger c
Salvia Plant Farinacea Seascape
£ 4.99
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