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Devloped by James Wong Treat it mean to keep it keen, the Goji berry needs no attention, pruning, feeding or care and in fact is at its most productiv
Goji Berries Seeds
£ 2.49
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These Jumbo Garden Tidy Bags Will Prove Invaluable In The Garden When Clearing Up Leaves, Collecting The Clippings From Pruning, Emptying The Compost
Jumbo Garden Tidy Bags (pack Of 5)
£ 5.45
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Featuring no-nonsense, year-round, step-by-step advice on everything from plot design and planting to pruning and composting.
Pocket Gardener
£ 7.99
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Buxus sempervirens, a very useful evergreen shrub with small leaves that provides essential structure to a garden be it for elaborate parterres or as
Buxus Sempervirens Plant
£ 7.99
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This Felco Victorinox Swiss Precision General Purpose Folding Knife Is Perfect For General Garden Tasks Including Pruning And Grafting And Will Be A C
Felco Victorinox General Purpose Knife
£ 12.95
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Easy to grow and requiring no pruning, Yokohoma is a dense mound forming evergreen conifer. The foliage turns darker to an almost bronze colour during
Cryptomeria Japonica Plant Yokohama
£ 14.99
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Clematis 'Blue Ravine is an early-flowered clematis, producing large mauve-blue flowers with dark central stamens in late spring and early summer, wit
Clematis Plant Blue Ravine
£ 15.99
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Clematis 'Mikelite is an Estonian cultivar from the Viticella Group. It is best planted in full sun and requires pruning for the best display (pruning
Clematis Plant Mikelite
£ 15.99
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Clematis 'Semu', this vigorous Estonian cultivar with fair blue-violet flowers that is extremely hardy, resilient and exceptionally free-flowering. It
Clematis Plant Semu
£ 15.99
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Clematis 'Tudor a deciduous, perennial climber with dark green foliage and medium-sized, violet flowers that appear late spring, early summer and late
Clematis Plant Tudor
£ 15.99
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