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Perennial clumps of onion-flavoured, tender, spear-like green leaves. Delicious in all egg, potato and cheese dishes, in salads, and sprinkled over so
Herb Seed Chives
£ 1.99
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Perennial, and can be grown successfully from seed. Useful in sauces and jellies, and with peas, beans, carrots, beetroot, potatoes and spinach. We re
Herb Seed Mint
£ 1.99
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A superb early 'potato-leaved tomato with an outstanding taste (thought to be better than ordinary-leaved varieties), producing a heavy crop of medium
Tomato Seeds Tamina
£ 2.99
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This wonderful heritage variety tastes just like a sweet potato but is easier to grow! Superb baked in the oven, and no need to peel as even the skin
Squash Seeds Honey Boat
£ 3.49
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Store Your Potatoes And Other Root Crops The Traditional Way In These Re-useable Hessian Vegetable Sacks. Measuring 40cm X 70cm, The Sacks Have The Es
Vegetable Sacks
£ 3.95
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Colour pink. Early maincrop with great disease resistance. Excellent flavour. Quality Control following inspection our seed potatoes receive a certifi
Seed Potatoes Pink Gypsy 1kg
£ 3.99
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An early variety with a fine nutty taste and long tubers which do not have the awkward branches that can make preparation and storage so difficult. Ea
Seed Potatoes Anya 1kg
£ 4.49
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High yields of large, round tubers with excellent resistance to disease and stores well. Boil, mash, saute, bake or roast. Blight tolerant. Colour whi
Seed Potatoes Cara 1kg
£ 4.49
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An all-rounder combining delicious taste and floury texture with good yields. Steam, mash, chip, saute, bake or roast. First Early variety. Not availa
Seed Potatoes Casablanca 1kg
£ 4.49
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An old favourite, introduced over fifty years ago. The round, white-fleshed tubers are firm and waxy when young and retain their fine taste. New, boil
Seed Potatoes Foremost 1kg
£ 4.49
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