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Pond Netting This High Density Polyethylene Heavy-duty 45mm Mesh Pond Protection Netting Is Ideal For Keeping Larger Leaves Out Of Ponds And Water Fea
Pond Netting Heavy Duty 45mm Mesh
£ 1.95
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For Those With An Irregular Shape Pond, Our Combination Of 25mm/1 Square X 1. 5mm Thick Galvanised Steel Linking Bars And Tough Nylon Connectors Will
Build Your Own Pond Cover
£ 3.45
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The Extra Heavy Duty Protection Pond Netting Is Widely Regarded As Our Strongest Netting, Made From High Quality Polyethylene, This Heat Sealed Knotte
Extra Heavy Duty Protection Netting
£ 3.95
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These snails eat algae from the sides of the pond, helping to keep them clean! (Please note: There is a 5. 00 surcharge when ordering this item. )
Ramshorn Snails
£ 4.99
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An effective way to treat all pond algae, these barley straw pads decomposes over several months, releasing natural compounds that are harmless to pla
Refill Pond Pads
£ 5.00
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A Unique Mix Of Bokashi Wheat Bran, Clay, Em Microbes And Em Ceramic Powder Are Fused Together To Produce These Em Mud Balls Which Promote Sludge-eati
Em Mud Balls
£ 6.45
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A smaller typha this is excellent for medium and large ponds. It has milk chocolate coloured seed heads. Flowers July-September. Height 100-150cm. Dep
Typha Gracilis Plant
£ 7.99
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Stunning, giant, deep purple, near-black blooms adorn this beautiful Iris. As with all louisiana iris it is ideal for the pond, as it loves plenty of
Iris Louisiana Plant 'black Gamecock'
£ 8.99
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This evergreen is a must have for any small pond. It has an unusual corkscrew twist to the cylindrical foliage. Although evergreen, cutting it back in
Juncus Effusus Spiralis Plant
£ 8.99
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A stunning plant for a medium to large pond or lake. The tall pink blooms can be seen from some distance, it is free flowering over a long period in s
Lythrum Salicaria Plant
£ 8.99
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