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Ease the galvanised 'fingers around the fruit's stem and with a gentle tug it drops into the bag. Ideal for collecting apples, pears and other fruit w
Fruit Picker
£ 8.99
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This Apple Picker Is Ideal For Picking Those Hard To Reach Apples, Simply Put The Wire Teeth Around The Stem Of The Fruit And Gently Pull Away. The Lo
Apple Picker
£ 12.95
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Anyone who has ever gone through the fiddly process of picking currants or berries will find this clever gadget a joy to use! It has a comb that separ
Berry Picker
£ 14.99
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Dont Let All Your Hard Work Throughout The Year Go To Waste By Dropping Ripe Tree Fruit When Harvesting The Fruit Picker Basket Handle Is Just Perfect
Fruit Picker Basket and Handle
£ 38.90
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