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Long crimson stems and dark foliage. An attractive ornamental plant in the flower border. A nutritious, delicious and ornamental alternative to spinac
Beet (leaf) Seeds Rhubarb Chard
£ 1.55
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Stop cats nibbling your potentially harmful houseplants with this great alternative. Cat Grass is nutritious and tasty, with naturally sweet stems, th
Cat Grass Seeds
£ 1.75
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This easy to grow, vigorous plant carries beautiful 7. 5cm (3) blooms in shades of crimson, rose and pink, together with white. It's an excellent cut
Malope Seeds Strawberries & Cream Mix
£ 1.99
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A superb alternative to white cauliflower, with attractive florets in an unusual lime-green colour. The crisp, tasty heads measure 15-23cm (6-9) acros
Cauliflower Seeds Romanesco Early
£ 1.99
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Deep purple leaves and stems make a colourful alternative to the common green basil in a wide range of dishes, including salads, pasta, pizza and toma
Herb Seed Basil Summer Surprise
£ 1.99
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Lime scented green leaves that can be used in cooking, eaten raw or alternatively used to make a delicious herbal tea.
Herb Seeds Basil Lime Mrs Burns
£ 1.99
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Origin: Europe. A true UK native vegetable. Easy to grow. Grows year-after-year. Tastes like: White asparagus, samphire. Along with watercress and per
Sea Kale Seeds
£ 2.49
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The most ornamental of swiss chards, ideal for the flower border. Simply pick the delicious leaves or stems as required for use in salads/garnishes, o
Beet (leaf) Seeds Bright Lights
£ 2.79
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A pale green summer-cropping salad leek. Great flavour and uniformity. Easy to growMilder alternative to spring onionsUse raw in salads, steamed or st
Leek Seeds Atal
£ 2.79
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Performs well in cool climates, indoors or outdoors. Requires no staking. Up to 18 stems per plant per year on average! Poppy-like flowers that are na
Anemone Seeds Mona Lisa Mix
£ 2.99
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