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Developed by James Wong Foolproof to grow. Unusual refreshing flavour. Continual harvesting during growing season. Succulent creeper with leaves that
Purslane Seeds
£ 2.49
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Contains Shiraz & Oregon Sugar Pod in equal quantities deep purple and vibrant green mangetout pods. Harvest June-September. Deep purple and vibrant g
Pea Mangetout Seeds Shiraz & Oregon Sugar Pod
£ 2.50
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With a very sweet flavour, this round podded mangetout type pea will add a delicious flavour to your dinner plate. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. H
Pea Sugar Snap Seeds Delikett
£ 2.75
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A superb Sugar Pea with long slightly curved fleshy pods which should be gathered young and cooked whole. Recommended by the National Institute of Agr
Pea Seeds Oregon Sugar Pod
£ 2.79
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An unusual and extremely attractive heritage variety with purple flowers followed by purple pods which may be eaten as mangetout when young or allowed
Pea Seeds Blauwschokker
£ 2.99
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Part of the James Wong Grow For Flavour Range. James says The finest tasting of all varieties, pick young pods when tender and eat them like mangetout
Bean (mangetout Broad) Seeds Stereo
£ 2.99
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Burgundy mangetout with a savoury, chestnutty taste. Best eaten raw to keep their colour. Pretty bicoloured flowers and flat purple pods that are best
Pea Seeds Shiraz
£ 2.99
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A mixture of three very different tasting and looking mangetout peas: Shiraz, Golden Sweet and Oregon sugar pod. Shiraz has purple pods with a floury
Pea Mangetout Seeds Multicoloured Mix
£ 4.99
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Origin: North Africa. Attractive plants with pale green leaves, red leaf nodes and mauve flowers that are followed by an abundant crop of sweet tastin
Pea Mangetout Plants Golden Sweet
£ 7.99
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A delicious 'Mangetout Sugar Pea with long, fleshy, slightly curved pods. Gather while young and cook them whole! Height 105-120cm (3-4'). Easy to gro
Pea Mangetout Plants Oregon Sugar Pod
£ 7.99
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