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A superb alternative to white cauliflower, with attractive florets in an unusual lime-green colour. The crisp, tasty heads measure 15-23cm (6-9) acros
Cauliflower Seeds Romanesco Early
£ 1.99
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Lime scented green leaves that can be used in cooking, eaten raw or alternatively used to make a delicious herbal tea.
Herb Seeds Basil Lime Mrs Burns
£ 1.99
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A fantastic border filler, producing masses of elegant snow-white flower heads atop lime green stems. Why not try sowing it alongside cornflowers, pop
Ammi Seed Snowflake
£ 2.49
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A blend of the finest new colours available with extra flowers the effect is sublime! Strong fragrance, long stems for cutting, and increased numbers
Sweet Pea Seeds Sublime Scent Mix
£ 2.49
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A stunning minature rose with an abundance of sublimely scented double/semi-double flowers in shades of pink through the summer. Flowers June-Septembe
Rosa Seeds Mini Fairy
£ 2.50
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These long-stemmed plants prodeuce a steady succession of unique lime-yellow blooms which create a cool, luminous glow in the borders, and are also id
Marigold African Seeds F1 Key Lime
£ 2.99
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Petals open lime green, and fade to almost white. Branching plants. Ideal for small bouquets. Height 90cm (3'). HA Hardy annual. Easy to grow and a re
Sunflower Seeds Jade Green
£ 2.99
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Tall, bushy plants with large double flowers of a unique red/lime colour, will create the 'wow factor in borders or large containers. When we saw the
Zinnia Seeds Queen Red Lime
£ 3.49
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A herb which has tremendous perennial ornamental values in the garden and culinary uses in the kitchen. The fragrant foliage is variegated with a lime
Herb Plant Sage Icterina
£ 4.99
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A lovely early spring flowering medium sized deciduous shrub which produces many pendulous clusters of pink red flowers further highlighted by the lim
Ribes Plants King Edward
£ 5.99
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