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Attractive strap-like leaves with flowers in shades of blue, lilac and white. Height 40cm (16). TP Tender perennial. (An easy to grow ornamental peren
Commelina Seeds Starry Starry Sky
£ 0.99
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Very interesting mixture in shades of blue, mauve, lilac and red, some with white eyes, and also white. Beautiful colours for hanging baskets. Trailin
Lobelia Seeds Cascade Mix
£ 1.99
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A mixture of flesh pink, rose, red, lilac, mauve, purple and white flowers. Wonderfully fragrant, particularly in the evening. Flowers like long trump
Nicotiana Seeds Evening Fragrance Mix
£ 1.99
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Masses of large, double, pale lilac flowers on tall, strong stems. It's longer-blooming than most poppies, and produces attractive seed pods for dryin
Poppy Seeds Lilac Pompom
£ 1.99
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A vigorous-growing mixture which if sown early will flower in the current year. Sturdy flower spikes of blue mauve, lilac pink and white. A traditiona
Delphinium Seeds Magic Fountains Mix
£ 2.99
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Impressive rounded heads of flowers in shades of rose, lavender, lilac and white will brighten up your spring garden. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner
Primula Seeds Denticulata Hybrids
£ 2.99
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Mat-forming perennials with hairy leaves and funnel-shaped flowers in late summer and early autumn. The varieties weve chosen will provide a range of
Oxalis Bulbs Hirta Gothenburg
£ 5.99
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A magnificent large-flowered strain, in shades of lavender, lilac, rose and carmine. The low, spreading plants are ideal for rockeries. Flowers April-
Aubrieta Plant Mix
£ 5.99
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These Organic Garden Mint Plants Will Not Only Add A Fantastic Aroma To The Herb Garden, But The Pretty Pink, Lilac Or White Flowers Will Be An Attrac
Mint Garden (3 Plants) Organic
£ 6.95
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Tall stems topped with an umbrella of creamy-green, lilac-flushed, bell-shaped blooms followed by unusual shuttlecock-like seed heads. Attractive to p
Allium Nectaroscordum Bulbs Sicilum
£ 6.99
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