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High yields of good quality, tender, creamy-white spears with a mild flavour that will please most palettes. The succulent tender shoots hold well on
Broccoli Seeds White Star
£ 0.99
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Curly Cress has a tongue tingling taste, which will liven up your sandwiches and salads. Sow my seeds: January-December. Choose a container with small
Fun To Grow Seeds: Cress Gang
£ 1.35
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Attractive and unusual, small bicoloured white flowers with rose-red guard petals (that deepen in colour with age) contrast with the attractive light
Lupin Seeds Pink Fairy
£ 1.55
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Compact, bushy, vigorous plants boasting large double heads of fine, quilled petals in a lovely powder pink colour. Deep green foliage. Flowers July-O
Aster Seeds Starlight Light Pink
£ 1.75
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A striking Italian beetroot with ball-shaped light red roots which, when sliced, reveal highly ornamental rings. They are very sweet-tasting and ideal
Beetroot Seeds Chioggia
£ 1.75
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Light green, medium-sized, barrel-shaped heads of delicious, crunchy leaves that are delicious raw or stir-fried!
Chinese Cabbage Seeds Hilton
£ 1.75
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A traditional spring favourite that will light up beds and borders with its vibrant, golden-yellow flowers. The most popular spring bedding item very
Wallflower Seeds Cloth Of Gold
£ 1.75
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Bright golden-yellow flowers that will light up your spring and early summer garden. Cascades of golden flowers for rockeries and dry walls. HP Hardy
Alyssum Saxatile Seeds Golden Queen
£ 1.99
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Light green arrow-shaped foliage with edible red fruits in autumn. Height 40cm (16). HA Hardy annual.
Chenopodium Seeds Strawberry Sticks
£ 1.99
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Sensational dark blooms, almost black in some lights, make this a truly stunning cornflower. Flowers July-August, June-July (Yr2). Height 75cm (30). A
Cornflower Seeds Black Ball
£ 1.99
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