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Superb large golden flowers Imposing, larger than average blooms borne on sturdy plants throughout the summer . Flowers July-October. Height 60cm (2')
Rudbeckia Seeds Irish Eyes
£ 2.99
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Fill your garden with sunshine with our collection of five stunning varieties: Tall Single Very tall with enormous golden-yellow flowers. Height 2. 1-
Sunflower Seeds Collection
£ 4.99
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Lavender-violet standards and white falls with delicate wisteria-blue veins, and lemon-yellow blotch. Flowers May-June. Height 55cm. Bulb size 8/9cm.
Iris Bulbs Carmen
£ 5.99
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Exotic-looking blooms that are a beautiful combination of autumnal honey-lemon and orange shades. Flowers June-July. Height 50-65cm. Bulb size 8/9cm.
Iris Bulbs Autumn Princess
£ 6.99
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A hardy Dutch iris with elegant, delicately scented flowers in a bright mix of colours. Give them a try! Flowers June-July. Height 60cm (24). HP Hardy
Iris Bulbs Hollandica Mix
£ 6.99
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Lance-shaped leaves and violet-blue flowers with almost white falls, marked with yellow in summer. Flowers June-July. Height 45cm. Bulb size 8cm+. (Bu
Iris Bulbs Silver Beauty
£ 6.99
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Beautiful cream iris with golden yellow tongue. Flowers May. Height 40-50cm. Bulb size 7/8cm. (Bulb sizes quoted in centimetres refer to the circumfer
Iris Hollandica Bulbs Symphony
£ 6.99
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A striking combination of intense purple-violet standards and bronze-red falls with a distinctive yellow blotch. Flowers June-July. Height 55cm. Bulb
Iris Hollandica Bulbs Tigers Eye
£ 6.99
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A superb miniature iris having velvety blue petals with yellow and white crest. Ideal for pot or border. Flowers February-March. Height 10-15cm. Bulb
Iris Reticulata Bulbs Harmony
£ 6.99
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With its unusual pale blue and yellow colouring, this charming, large-flowered dwarf iris really stands out from the crowd. RHS Award of Garden Merit
Iris Reticulata Bulbs Katharine Hodgkin
£ 6.99
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