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Lots of bright flowers in a range of shades. throughout summer. Very easily grown and versatile plants. Happiest in free-draining soil in sunny positi
Nasturtium Seeds Little Gem Mix
£ 1.99
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Ideal for covering banks and thin hedges. Very easily grown, versatile plants, flowering freely throughout the summer. Happiest in free-draining soil
Nasturtium Seeds Tropical Mix
£ 1.99
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An extremely popular deciduous shrub that is tough and easy to grow. It makes a very good hedge, and provides interest all year round, with its purple
Berberis Thunbergii Plant Atropurpurea
£ 5.99
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World's first thornless compact raspberry. Multi-branching which needs little support. Perfect for the patio or borders and also makes a unique edible
Raspberry Plant Ruby Beauty
£ 8.99
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With a lightweight PVC frame these safety goggles are ideal for wearing when using garden equipment including brush cutters, grass strimmers and hedge
Brushcutter Safety Goggles Clear
£ 9.37
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Romance and beauty are subtly suggested by this captivating rose. The bush will be tall, plenty tall enough for the back of a mixed border or for a fl
Rose Plant Glyndebourne
£ 9.99
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Early into bloom, then keeps on flowering. Strong lemon-musk scent. It makes a fine hedge and is useful in mixed borders. Scent 7. Colour white. Heigh
Rose Plant Jacqueline Du Pre
£ 9.99
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Enjoy the surprise, as the tightly packed buds open charmingly to reveal old-world blooms. Sturdy growth, ideal for low hedges or borders. Scent 3. Co
Rose Plant Rossetti Rose
£ 9.99
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Orange with yellow centre. Glossy leaves. Good upright plant suitable for hedges or limited space. Scent 4. Colour gold/orange. Height 110cm. Shrub va
Rose Plant Simple Gold
£ 9.99
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Create your own low growing pollinator hedge or an area divider with our stunning spiraea shirobana shrub plants and watch them flower up to autumn. T
Spiraea Plant Shirobana
£ 9.99
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