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Long crimson stems and dark foliage. An attractive ornamental plant in the flower border. A nutritious, delicious and ornamental alternative to spinac
Beet (leaf) Seeds Rhubarb Chard
£ 1.55
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An impressive leek producing flavoursome white stems that are ready to harvest from November to January. Shows good winter hardiness and resistance to
Leek Seeds Blue Green Autumn Neptune
£ 1.55
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Bred for extra sweetness, Ruby has dark purple-skinned globe shaped roots with creamy yellow flesh and is a really useful winter vegetable. A high dry
Swede Seeds Ruby
£ 1.55
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A striking Italian beetroot with ball-shaped light red roots which, when sliced, reveal highly ornamental rings. They are very sweet-tasting and ideal
Beetroot Seeds Chioggia
£ 1.75
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For those looking for something different, this is a must! It has a sweet mild taste and a colour which deepens in cold weather. Renowned for their ha
Brussels Sprout Seeds Red Ball
£ 1.99
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Produces evenly sized, smooth, dark leaved greens as a spring green or, if allowed to heart, will eventually form compact 250g (8oz) loose heads. Supe
Cabbage Seeds F1 Winter Jewel
£ 1.99
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A strong-growing, Club Root resistant swede which also benefits from Powdery Mildew resistance and improved winter hardiness over other varieties. Gre
Swede Seeds Invitation
£ 1.99
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This purple and white skinned turnip can be spring sown for summer and autumn lifting or, because of its hardiness, sown later for winter use through
Turnip Seeds Armand
£ 1.99
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Just twist our Bulb Planter firmly into the ground to the required depth, removing a core of soil. Place the bulb into the hole and push the button to
Bulb Planter
£ 2.00
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Superb spring flowering item with masses of mid-blue blooms which are produced on dwarf 'ball shaped plants. Ideal for massed bedding with tulips or a
Forget-me-not Seeds Spring Symphony Blue
£ 2.49
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