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One feed lasts all summer! Simply mix evenly with a good quality compost before planting out and water well. The granules will release nutrients to th
Controlled Release Fertiliser
£ 1.95
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Very interesting mixture in shades of blue, mauve, lilac and red, some with white eyes, and also white. Beautiful colours for hanging baskets. Trailin
Lobelia Seeds Cascade Mix
£ 1.99
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This pretty lobelia bears deep-blue flowers on foliage that turns bronzy-green as the plants mature, and is ideal for hanging baskets, tubs and rocker
Lobelia Seeds Monsoon
£ 1.99
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A spectacular trailing nasturtium for all your baskets and patio containers, where it will produce a colourful cascade of vibrant 'dayglow blooms thro
Nasturtium Seeds Dayglow Mix
£ 1.99
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Add drama to your hanging baskets with this purple-black viola! The bright eye gives each bloom real depth and adds to the overall charm of the velvet
Viola Seeds Midnight Runner
£ 1.99
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A real stunner, whose jewel-like blooms are set off to perfection by the beautifully marbled foliage, which spreads and trails to create superb ground
Nasturtium Seeds Orange Troika
£ 2.49
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Easy to grow tomato with tasty red, cherry sized fruit. Try these bushy little plants that grow to just 30cm (12) high and wide. You can grow this var
Tomato Seeds Table Top Tomato (sweet 'n Neat Red)
£ 2.49
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A hot, lemony-flavoured Aji type. Fruits ripen from pale green to yellow, are hot, 2cm () at widest, 8cm (3) long and hang downwards on the plants. He
Pepper Chilli Seeds Peruvian Lemon Drop
£ 2.49
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A feast of flavour and colour in a hanging basket. Contains a mix of Tumbling Tom Red & Tumbling Tom Yellow. Harvest late July-early October. Create a
Tomato Seeds Tumbling Tom Red & Yellow
£ 2.50
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Made From Birch And Hand Decorated White With A Wintery Wonderland Feel, These Delightful Christmas Tree Decorations Are Available In 4 Styles Heart,
Hanging Birch Christmas Decorations By Sia
£ 2.65
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