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Bamboo Cane Stakes Are A Mainstay Of Any Ornamental Garden, Allotment, Kitchen Garden Or Vegetable Plot, Lending Essential Support To Climbing Plants,
Bamboo Canes
£ 4.45
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With A Hefty 90 Litre Capacity, This Tough, Reusable Growbag Made Of Heavy Duty Polypropylene Will Help Produce Bumper Crops And Can Be Used Year Afte
Reusable Growbag
£ 8.95
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This Offer Is Perfect For Growbag Growers And Includes The Reuseable Grow Bag Which Takes 90ltrs Of Compost And A Set Of 3 Red Plant Halos Ideal For G
Special Growbag Growing Offer
£ 17.00
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The Quadgrow Is A Fantastic Alternative To Growing Vegetables In Growbags Or Pots, Producing Bigger Harvests And Even Keeps Plants Watered For 10 Days
Quadgrow Self Watering Planter
£ 42.95
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