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Dwarf habit with closely curled leaves. A superb source of tasty and highly nutritious autumn, winter and spring 'greens'. Resistant to very bad winte
Kale Seeds Dwarf Green Curled
£ 1.29
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An easily grown, nutritious vegetable providing a continuous supply of 'greens throughout the summer/autumn. Recommended for deep freezing.
Leaf Beet Seeds Silver Chard
£ 1.29
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An old variety but still unsurpassed for taste. Borne in pairs, the pods are about 11cm (4) long and carry from 9-11 delicious, sweetly flavoured peas
Pea Seeds Hurst Greenshaft
£ 1.79
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Spice up your summer salads with this mix of Pak Choi, Cantong white, Mizuna greens Kyoto, Mustard Red Giant, Mustard Golden Streaks and Salad Rocket.
Leaf Salad Seeds Spicy Oriental Mix
£ 1.99
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This great tasting sweetheart type cabbage will extend the picking season. Enjoy as smooth leaf greens or as more mature pointed heads. Sow May-June.
Cabbage Seeds Monarchy F1
£ 2.79
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First-rate over-wintering spring greens, smooth, dark leaved greens as a spring green, allowed to heart, forms compact 250g (8oz) heads, superb winter
Cabbage Plants F1 Winter Jewel
£ 8.99
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Formula feeds and greens. Controls weeds and moss. Unique formula lawn treatment for healthier, stronger and greener grass. Best value for coverage 3k
Greenforce Lawn Feed Weed & Moss Killer 3kg
£ 14.99
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The Masport Golf is a professional quality 10 bladed cylinder mower perfect for cutting bowling greens, large formal lawns or cricket squares. The ver
Masport Golf 10 Bladed Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower
£ 1298.95
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The Allett Westminster 20H is a semi-professional petrol greens cylinder mower. The self propelled Westminster 20H with it's 12 bladed (145 cuts per m
Allett Westminster 20h Semi-pro Petrol Cylinder Mower
£ 4139.00
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