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Sunflower Giant Single Suttons character-based seed packets feature educationally based 'fun facts including fascinating information on the origins of
Sunny Sunflower
£ 1.35
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Dark green, densely curled leaves. The plants are dwarf growing and compact in habit. Very winter hardy. Tom says: Kale has had a huge resurgence in r
Kale Seeds Dwarf Green Curled
£ 1.55
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Try these deeply curled, crimson/purple leaves in salads, cooked or as an ingredient in soups. The colour, flavour and texture is outstanding! Recomme
Kale Seeds Scarlet
£ 1.55
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Large-flowered, branching plants. Very popular for summer beds, borders and containers. Strongly fragrant flowers, both single and double, clothing st
Stock Seeds Giant Perfection Mix
£ 1.75
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Pure white trumpet-like blooms. An attractive centrepiece in borders. Easy to grow. An economical way to fill a large border with colour. The large bu
Lavatera Trimestris Seeds Mont Blanc
£ 1.99
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A Swiss Giant pansy, which is a strong-growing strain with enormous flowers of brillant colours all with blotches at petal bases. Height 15-23cm (6-9)
Pansy Seeds Giant Fancy Mix
£ 1.99
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How tall can you grow this amazing sunflower? Water and feed it well and support it against a wall or with a long cane. You can use your tape measure
Sunflower Seeds Giant Grower (tall Single)
£ 1.99
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Giant Yellow produces enormous sunflowers that children love to grow. The flowers are like very large daisies with brightly coloured petals. HA Hardy
Sunflower Seeds Giant Yellow
£ 1.99
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Delicious in soups and salads, this superb hardy celery is weather-resistant and boasts an excellent flavour. Trench variety. Heritage Seed Variety, 1
Celery Seeds Giant Red
£ 1.99
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Huge range of bright and pastel shades plus bicolours. Flowers August-October. Height 60cm (2'). Popular and easy to grow late summer/autumn border pl
Achillea Seeds Summer Berries
£ 2.49
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