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A perennial herb which produces broader leaves than normal chives, and has a delicate garlic taste. A tasty addition to salads and cooked dishes.
Herb Seed Garlic Chives
£ 1.99
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Part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution Range. Very easy to grow. Delicate, roast garlic-flavoured blossoms and greens. Very easy to grow, and thr
Herb Seeds Chinese Chives
£ 2.49
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Especially for shady conditions. Includes: Foxglove, Bellflower, Garlic Mustard and other wild flowers. Various heights.
Wildlife Seeds Shady Area Mix
£ 2.99
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White with excellent flavour for all culinary uses. Softneck variety. Plant October-January. 2 Bulbs (10-11 cloves per bulb). Virus-free French variet
Garlic Bulbs Messidrome
£ 4.99
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A superb, high yielding hardneck variety. bulbs contain a large number of easy to peel, rosy skinned cloves with a strong flavour. Can be planted in t
Garlic Bulbs Edenrose
£ 4.99
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Violet-streaked skin with white cloves and a mild flavour, easily stored and split for cooking. Softneck variety. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. 2
Garlic Bulbs Germidour
£ 4.99
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An Italian pink type, produced in France, that matures in late July. The white-skinned bulbs each contain 9-16 pretty pink cloves that store for a lon
Garlic Bulbs Flavor
£ 4.99
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Delivery From Late April Onwardschinese Kale Kailaan Is An Interesting Plant, A Quick Grower And Will Reward You With Deliciously Tender Stems And Lea
Chinese Kale Kailaan (10 Plants) Organic
£ 5.95
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This colossal garlic can grow to an amazing 15cm (6) across and weighs almost 1kg (2. 2lb). Each clove is bigger than a regular garlic bulb! As it is
Garlic Bulbs Elephant
£ 5.99
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A reasonably new variety with large bulbs filled with plump tasty cloves. Can be planted in the autumn and in the spring. Harvest June-September. (Fre
Garlic Bulbs Printanor
£ 5.99
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