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Quick Release, Reuseable, Strong Plastic Net Ties Allowing Easy Detachment From Frame. Multi-purpose Use And Are Availabe In 15cm (6
Quick Release Net Ties
£ 1.25
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Flat-topped roots, white with purple crown. Quick maturing, useful in frames and under cloches. Tender when young, with an excellent mild, sweet flavo
Turnip Seeds Purple Top Milan
£ 1.55
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These Strong Connector Clips, Made From Durable Polypropylene Nylon With Aluminium Fixings, Make It Easy To Create Simple Support Frames For All Types
A-frame Connector Clip 16mm
£ 1.60
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White, well-protected large curds, popular for summer shows, for freezing, and straight from the garden. Sow January-February under glass for a July h
Cauliflower Seeds All The Year Round
£ 1.75
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Our Aluminium Tubing Forms One Half Of Arguably The Most Effective Garden Crop Protection Frame Double Act On The Circuit And When Paired Up With The
Aluminium Tubing Natural Finish 16mm
£ 1.95
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The Incredibly Flexible Figo Frame Connectors Provide Traditional Garden Plant Support Stakes Such As Bamboo Canes With The Inspiration To Do Somethin
Figo Frame Connectors
£ 1.95
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The Maxi-a Frame Accessories Available Include:-irrigation Kit Easy To Fit With Adjustable Sprinkler Heads And Connects To Standard Hose Connectioncap
Maxi A-frame Vegetable Garden Accessories
£ 1.95
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These Adaptable And Highly Versatile Swivel Connector Clips Are Ideal For Creating Garden Cloches, Plant Supports, Runner Bean Or Pea Frames And Even
Swivel Connecting Clips
£ 1.99
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Part of the Sutton's Seeds Vegetable Heritage Range Early Nantes 5 is a suberb tasting carrot that's excellent for successional sowing, or in frames o
Carrot Seeds Early Nantes 5
£ 1.99
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A first-class cantaloupe melon for growing in a greenhouse or cold frame. Cut open the large, oval, yellow fruit to reveal the sweet, creamy, mouth-wa
Melon Seeds Rugoso Di Cosenza Giallo
£ 1.99
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