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A mix of red and white spring onion varieties fast-maturing onions with excellent flavour to liven up summer salads. Sow successionally for continued
Onion (spring) Seeds Red & White Mix
£ 1.49
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A super fast-maturing type, ideal for gardening beginners. The rich orange roots are uniform in colour and have a delicious flavour. Row 9m (30').
Carrot Seeds Ideal
£ 1.79
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A fast-growing true type spinach with attractive round dark green foliage which is delicious as baby leaves. Ideal for spring and autumn growing. Reco
Spinach Seeds Amazon F1
£ 2.19
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The little feller with the big grin! A great alternative to the giant sunflower for little children to grow. Fast to flower in as little as 60 days, t
Sunflower Seeds Big Smile
£ 2.19
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Dont mess with this one a breeding breakthrough has created the king of coleus! The huge beefy plants are fast growing and boast leaves up to 30cm lon
Coleus Seeds Kong Mixed
£ 2.49
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A fast growing climber with large, bell-shaped, violet-blue flowers. Under glass, the plant is perennial. For outdoor use, treat as a half hardy annua
Cobaea Scandens Seeds
£ 2.79
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Transform your borders easily and quickly! Flowers in just 6 weeks from sowing! Dobies have been working with breeders in France to produce quality mi
Flowering Mixture Seeds Fast Flowering Annual Mix
£ 2.99
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A fast-growing anemone which is ideal for naturalising under deciduous trees and shrubs, each spring producing a carpet of faintly scented white flowe
Anemone Rhizomes Nemerosa
£ 4.99
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A beautiful combination of fast maturing spring onions with excellent flavour to liven up summer salads. The red variety will also produce mild flavou
Onion (salad) Plants Red & White Mix
£ 5.99
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Clusters of bell-shaped, deep red flowers open from plum-coloured buds in late spring and early summer putting on a very colourful display. This fast-
Weigela Plant Bristol Ruby
£ 5.99
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