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Prices Tapered Dinner Candles Are 25cm High. Non-drip, Individually Wrapped And By Royal Appointment. These Luxury Hand-made Candles Are Perfect For P
Price's Handmade Tapered Dinner Candles (25cm)
£ 1.95
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Excellent for pickling when the fruits are young and tender. Dual use excellent flavour used in salads or for pickling. Ridge (Outdoor) Variety.
Cucumber Seeds Venlo Pickling (gherkin)
£ 1.99
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Loose heads of delicious, rounded, pale green leaves with frilled edges. Easy to grow. Pick individual leaves as you need them. Ideal for raised beds,
Lettuce Seeds Lollo Bionda
£ 1.99
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A dual purpose salad onion especially recommended to add colour to the salad bowl. No thinning required. Will also produce mild flavoured bulbs if thi
Onion (salad) Seeds North Holland Blood Red Redmate
£ 1.99
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Blooms can be cut and will come again. And you'll find purple carrots below ground during the season! Flowers June-September. Height 60-80cm (24-36).
Flowering Carrot Seeds Dara
£ 2.99
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Dual cropping option tasty green pods to be used fresh, or harvested later as dried beans for winter dishes. Keep seeds cool and dry for optimum nutri
Bean (dwarf French Kidney) Seeds Yin Yang
£ 3.49
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Our Snail Barrier Netting Is An Exceptionally Strong, Tear Resistant Netting Made From Black 90gsm Dual Weave High Density Polyethylene. The Framework
Snail Barrier Netting
£ 3.95
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Spare Steel Fruit Cage Connectors For Our Heavy Duty Steel Fruit Cage. Supplied Individually As Spare Parts For Our Steel Fruit Cagesgdn-676 2 Way Con
Steel Fruit Cage Spare Connectors
£ 3.95
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Dual colour. Great for mash, roasts and wedges. Good resistance to disease. Maincrop variety. Harvest mid August-mid October. Quality Control followin
Seed Potatoes Vales Sovereign 1kg
£ 4.49
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Collection comprises 5 easy-to-grow annual and perennial varieties in individual packets: Aquilegia Long Spurred Hybrids striking flowers in a host of
Cottage Garden Seed Collection
£ 4.99
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