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As its name suggests, this lovely herb has a very strong smell of blackcurrant with wonderful deep pink edible flowers. Great with roast pork. Supplie
Herb Plant Blackcurrant Sage
£ 4.99
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Unlike most blackcurrants, which are primarily raised for juice production, Ebony has been specially selected for garden planting. Take one look and i
Blackcurrant Plant Ebony
£ 9.99
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The fruit is large and luscious, and is produced in profusion on huge 'strigs', from mid July and through August producing up to 2. 7kg (6 lb) from a
Redcurrant Plant Rovada
£ 9.99
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In trials this whitecurrant was by far the highest yielding (yet is ideal for small gardens) providing up to 2kg (41/2 lb) of fruit per plant in a sea
Whitecurrant Plant Blanka
£ 9.99
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Ribes King Edward VII is an easy to grow, upright shrub perfect for almost any position in the garden. One of the most popular varieties of ornamental
Ribes Sanguineum Plant King Edward Vii
£ 13.99
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Time for Tea contains 4 x 9cm potted plants (1 of each variety) including a FREE potted plant of Blackcurrant Sage:Moroccan Mint Tea is served all day
Herb Plants Time For Tea Collection
£ 14.97
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Anyone who has ever gone through the fiddly process of picking currants or berries will find this clever gadget a joy to use! It has a comb that separ
Berry Picker
£ 14.99
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Long strings of the sweetest currants, with a great cassis fragrance. Harvest late July. Height 70-80cm (28-32). Supplied in a 1. 3 litre pot. The ext
Blackcurrant Plant Cassissima
£ 14.99
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Long strings of delicious, uniform berries. Harvest July. Height 1-1. 5m (3'3-5'). Supplied in a 1. 3 litre pot. The extraordinary varieties featured
Redcurrant Plant Ribest
£ 14.99
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No summer garden is complete without the promise of mouth-watering freshly harvested berries and plants. This twin pack contains 2 bare root plants (1
Blackcurrant & Redcurrant Plants Twin Pack
£ 15.98
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