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Create a cottage garden style border by adding in these old favourites. Gorgeous flower spikes which add height to the back of a border or brighten up
Digitalis Seeds Candy Mountain Special Mix
£ 2.50
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The purest white blooms of any double-flowered variety, Fuchsia 'White Monk is ideal for brightening shady corners where the pale blooms will seemingl
Fuchsia Trailing Plant White General Monk
£ 2.99
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Many Greenhouses Have No Grooves To Fit The Alliplugs Into The Corner So These Adaptors Simply Push Onto The Corner Bar Creating A Fixing For Use With
Corner Adaptors
£ 3.20
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The Post Cap Is Designed To Fit On The Superior Raised Bed Corner Posts To Complete The Look And Also To Provide Protection To The End Grain Of The Wo
Superior Raised Bed Post Cap
£ 3.45
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The Harrod Slot Lock Brace Kits Are Ideal For Reinforcing Your 16mm Diameter Aluminium Tubing Vegetable Cage And Crop Protection Frames When The Weath
Harrod Slot And Lock
£ 5.45
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Although Our Complete Superior Wooden Raised Bed Kits Are Exceptionally Popular, An Occasion May Arise When Constructing Your Own Bed Is The Only Opti
Superior Posts
£ 5.45
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An ever-popular miniature daffodil bulb whose cheerful orange-trumpeted blooms, with backward-thrusting yellow petals, will brighten the darkest corne
Daffodil Bulbs Jetfire
£ 6.99
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On a patio or decking, a liner is a must. Our one piece woven liner is perfectly sized to fit. Being porous, it allows excellent drainage but will not
Liner For Mini Raised Bed
£ 6.99
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A fully hardy deciduous fern that will light up a shady corner of the garden with its absolutely spectacular silver variegated foliage, sometimes flus
Athyrium Metallicum Plant
£ 7.99
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Easy-to-grow, fully hardy plants producing mats of attractive heart-shaped, silver-and-green variegated leaves topped, in spring, with a profusion of
Brunnera Plant Jack Frost
£ 7.99
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