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A superb early maincrop onion with excellent resistance to Downy Mildew. Produces a heavy crop of delicious copper-brown, round-oval bulbs. Shows good
Onion Seeds F1 Santero
£ 3.99
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These Copper Tag Hanging Labels Are A Stylish And Practical Way To Label Up Your Vegetable Plot. The Labels Can Be Easily Hung From Canes Or Stakes An
Copper Tag Labels (pack Of 10)
£ 4.95
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An excellent, slightly elongated shallot, with copper-coloured skins and great tasting pink-tinged flesh. Each bulb yields 6-8 bulbs at harvest. Plant
Shallot French Bulbs Jermor
£ 4.99
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Slug And Snail Copper Tape Will Protect Your Pots, Planters And Greenhouse Staging From Marauding Slugs And Snails Its The Go-anywhere Alternative To
Slug And Snail Copper Tape
£ 5.95
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An excellent elongated banana-type variety with copper coloured skins and pink flesh. Each shallot yields 6-8 bulbs at harvest. Very easy to peel and
Shallot Bulbs Longor
£ 5.99
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These Rustic Metallic Candles By Sia Will Add Some Rustic Charm To Your Dinner Table And When You Add Them To A Beautiful Candle Holder Your Room Will
Straight Dinner Candles By Sia (25cm)
£ 6.95
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This Copper Impregnated Ground-cover Matting Allows You To Protect Larger Areas And Has Been Well Proven To Repel Slugs And Snails Preventing Them Get
Slug And Snail Shocka Mats
£ 8.95
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Our flexi copper tape forms a barrier around the outside of pots and raised beds that not only stops slugs and snails in their tracks but also, being
Flexi Copper Tape
£ 8.99
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These Led String Lights With Timer Are Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use And Make A Stunning Addition To The Garden, Perfect For Lighting Up A
Led String Lights With Timer Indoor/outdoor
£ 9.95
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A repeat blooming climber for a sunny position. Moderate size and stiff branches are best suited to fan-training against a wall or trellis. Scent 4. C
Rose Plant Breath Of Life
£ 9.99
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