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This palm-sized vegetable brush, with a combination of soft and stiff bristles, is the ideal implement to clean your dirty veg! 13. 5cm (51/4) long x
Vegetable Brush
£ 1.00
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Can be gathered when three or four leaves have formed, or given protection from frost with straw or bracken. Grows well in pots, keeping lower leaves
Corn Salad Seeds Lambs Lettuce
£ 1.99
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Part of the James Wong Grow For Flavour Range. James says The perfect two-in-one crop, masses of flat leaved parsley with sweet mini parsnips down bel
Parsley Seeds Eagle
£ 2.49
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The largest-flowered bacopa on the market, producing clean white flowers all summer long. Trailing. Ideal for baskets and containers. Supplied in a 9c
Bacopa Atlas Plant White Secrets
£ 2.99
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Grease trays are important to have on your gas grill. Napoleon's Grease Trays are a convenient way to keep your grill and outdoor living area clean. N
Grease Trays (5 Pack) Medium
£ 3.00
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Clean snowy white colour. Beautiful spikes of white flowers are accented by fragrant, grey-green foliage. Compact habit. Height 41-50cm. Flowers May-J
Salvia Nemorosa Plant Snow Hill
£ 3.33
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Never worry about the hassle of cleaning a barbecue again with the Outback Barbecue Grill Cleaning Brush. Featuring brass bristles, which help to prot
Outback Barbecue Grill Cleaning Brush
£ 3.59
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A weather tolerant free-flowering Boliviensis type begonia. Theyre low maintenance and self cleaning, producing masses of orange-red blooms right thro
Begonia Plant Crackling Fire Orange
£ 3.99
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A weather tolerant, free-flowering Boliviensis type begonia. Theyre low maintenance and self cleaning (so they don't need dead-heading), producing mas
Begonia Plant Crackling Fire Pink
£ 3.99
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Stylish pure white begonia with unusual pointed foliage. Self-cleaning and low maintenance. Long lasting flowering until first frosts. Height 15-25cm
Begonia Plant Crackling Fire White
£ 3.99
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