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The Incredibly Flexible Figo Frame Connectors Provide Traditional Garden Plant Support Stakes Such As Bamboo Canes With The Inspiration To Do Somethin
Figo Frame Connectors
£ 1.95
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How tall can you grow this amazing sunflower? Water and feed it well and support it against a wall or with a long cane. You can use your tape measure
Sunflower Seeds Giant Grower (tall Single)
£ 1.99
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Extremely bright colour range. Popular, versatile plants with bright, showy flowers. HHA Half hardy annual. Height 30cm (12).
Verbena Seeds Candycane Mix
£ 2.49
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Lovely dawrf lupin with fantastic red/white and pink contrasts within the beautiful flower spikes, making them suitable for both containers and border
Lupinus Seeds Avalune Candy Cane Mix
£ 2.50
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These Green Cane Toppers Are Supplied In Packs Of 10 And Play An Important Safety Role In The Garden, Cushioning Any Impact Against The Face And Prote
Green Cane Caps
£ 2.95
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Bamboo Cane Stakes Are A Mainstay Of Any Ornamental Garden, Allotment, Kitchen Garden Or Vegetable Plot, Lending Essential Support To Climbing Plants,
Bamboo Canes
£ 4.45
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These Copper Tag Hanging Labels Are A Stylish And Practical Way To Label Up Your Vegetable Plot. The Labels Can Be Easily Hung From Canes Or Stakes An
Copper Tag Labels (pack Of 10)
£ 4.95
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An attractive Begonia with serrated, pink young foliage which becomes silver with age. The veins change from purple to green. Cane type. Height 41-50c
Begonia Plant Benichoma
£ 6.40
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An attractive tall begonia. The maple shaped leaves have dark veins and edges which are covered in silver spots. Cane type. Grow in a bright spot with
Begonia Plant Connie Boswell
£ 6.40
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A low but upright begonia. Compact with large rose pink flowers. Long dark leaves speckled with pale pink. Cane type. Flowers January-December. Height
Begonia Plant Flo Belle Moseley
£ 6.40
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