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A bright mixture of white, pink, rose, carmine, mauve blue and purple. Beautiful flowers like upturned bells, on bushy plants. HA Hardy annual. Height
Echium Plantagineum Seeds Little Bells Mix
£ 1.75
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A well-known variety which comes in a lovely mixture of soft colours. An attractive 'cottage garden favourite, producing large flowers in the distinct
Canterbury Bell Seeds Cup And Saucer Mix
£ 1.75
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Magnificent paper-like blooms, in a range of colours, are produced over a long period. This variety also makes an amazing houseplant. Height 90cm (36)
Abutilon Seeds Bellvue Mix
£ 1.99
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Spikes of attractive, bell-shaped blooms in a super mixture of colours. Spectacular, trumpet-like blooms in summer. Very attractive border plants. HP/
Penstemon Seeds Beloved Bells Mix
£ 1.99
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A truly unique turnip, with an exquisite flavour which can be likened to a melon. It is very juicy and tastes equally good sliced or grated in a salad
Turnip Seeds Sweetbell F1
£ 1.99
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Graceful stems clothed with pale green calyces surrounding small, fragrant white flowers. For fresh or dry flower arrangements. Height 60-90cm (2-3').
Bells Of Ireland Seeds
£ 2.49
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Dainty bell-shaped blooms on slender stems Often found in the summer on dry grass banks, surviving on poor soil. Autumnal nectar for bumble bees and h
Wildlife Garden Seeds Harebell
£ 2.49
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Delicate light pink pompon flowers with a darker pink in the centre, lovely early spring flowers. Flowers April-June (Year 2). Height 11-20cm. HB Hard
Bellis Seeds Strawberries & Cream
£ 2.50
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Made From Birch And Hand Decorated White With A Wintery Wonderland Feel, These Delightful Christmas Tree Decorations Are Available In 4 Styles Heart,
Hanging Birch Christmas Decorations By Sia
£ 2.65
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The first seed-raised calibrachoa more plants for your money and so reliable compared to traditional varieties! A must-have in any garden, producing h
Calibrachoa Seeds F1 Kabloom Mix
£ 2.99
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