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Your colourful flowers will bloom from late June to October in a wide range of colours. Squeeze the flowers gently and watch them open and roar at you
Antirrhinum Seeds Dragon Flower (magic Carpet Mix)
£ 1.99
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A popular tomato, maturing early and producing an excellent crop of medium sized fleshy fruits of fine flavour. Succeeds well in soil or grow bags. Re
Tomato Seeds Alicante
£ 1.99
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About half the size of a standard courgette plant! The spine-free plants produce huge crops of tasty dark green fruit. Great for grow bags you can squ
Courgette Seeds F1 Patio Star
£ 2.99
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Sealing Clips Made From A Strong And Durable Plastic Will Ensure An Air And Water Tight Seal For Use Within The Greenhouse And Home. Great For Keeping
Sealing Clips
£ 3.95
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Colour pink. Early maincrop with great disease resistance. Excellent flavour. Quality Control following inspection our seed potatoes receive a certifi
Seed Potatoes Pink Gypsy 1kg
£ 3.99
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Bamboo Cane Stakes Are A Mainstay Of Any Ornamental Garden, Allotment, Kitchen Garden Or Vegetable Plot, Lending Essential Support To Climbing Plants,
Bamboo Canes
£ 4.45
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Early, large, uniform tubers; drought resistance. Colour cream. Shape oval. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. First Early. Quality Control following i
Seed Potatoes Winston 1kg
£ 4.49
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Very early traditional long-standing favourite; great flavour. Colour white. Shape oval. First Early. Quality Control following inspection our seed po
Seed Potatoes Arran Pilot 1kg
£ 4.49
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A very popular second early/early maincrop seed potato variety. Colour yellow. Shape long oval. New, boil, steam or mash. Salad Type. Quality Control
Seed Potatoes International Kidney 1kg
£ 4.49
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Dual colour. Great for mash, roasts and wedges. Good resistance to disease. Maincrop variety. Harvest mid August-mid October. Quality Control followin
Seed Potatoes Vales Sovereign 1kg
£ 4.49
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