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A spectacular mix of bicolured antirrhinums in a wide colour range that's certain to put a smile on your face. Ideal for beds, borders and containers,
Antirrhinum Seeds Chuckles
£ 1.99
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Your colourful flowers will bloom from late June to October in a wide range of colours. Squeeze the flowers gently and watch them open and roar at you
Antirrhinum Seeds Dragon Flower (magic Carpet Mix)
£ 1.99
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A first-class antirrhinum putting on a vivid display in a range of bright, glowing colours. Flowers June-October. Intermediate variety. Height 45cm (1
Antirrhinum Seeds Illumination Mix
£ 1.99
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Attractive plants with a spreading habit in a fine range of colours. Well suited to growing on the rockery. Flowers June-October. Dwarf variety. Heigh
Antirrhinum Seeds Magic Carpet Mix
£ 1.99
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Tall spikes covered in rich, dark crimson flowers each contrasted by a clear white base. Ideal as a central feature in ornamental beds, or at the back
Antirrhinum Seeds Day & Night
£ 2.49
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Early flowering tall variety, easy to grow on in containers or in borders. Stunning flower spikes in pink and white shades, also great for cut flowers
Antirrhinum Seeds Pretty Arrow Mix
£ 2.50
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Traditional flower type with an attractive patterning some blooms almost red others almost lemon-yellow. Excellent weather tolerance and ideal for cut
Antirrhinum Seeds Picasso Splash
£ 2.79
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A compact, bushy variety smothered in masses of flowers of red, yellow and pink shades, together with white, to create a truly attention-grabbing disp
Antirrhinum Seeds F1 Crackle & Pop Mix
£ 2.99
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An outstanding and vastly improved variety of antirrhinum, with fragrant, open flowers! Selected by Suttons, it comprises a fabulous mix of romantic s
Antirrhinum Seeds Antiquity Sunset Mix
£ 2.99
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Strong stems massed with double florets resembling azaleas. Flowers June-October. Tall variety. Height 90cm (3'). HHP Half hardy perennial (best grown
Antirrhinum Seeds F1 Madame Butterfly Mix
£ 3.69
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