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A Pack Of 10 Of These 19mm Plastic Hoop Clips Will Go A Long Way To Keeping Your Home Grown Fruit And Vegetables From Birds, Insects And The Massed Ra
19mm Plastic Hoop Clips (10 Pack)
£ 2.95
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A first-rate, stringless runner bean, producing an abundant crop of 25-30cm (10-12) long beans over a long period. Very good flavour and popular with
Bean (runner) Seeds Lady Di
£ 3.49
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Bamboo Cane Stakes Are A Mainstay Of Any Ornamental Garden, Allotment, Kitchen Garden Or Vegetable Plot, Lending Essential Support To Climbing Plants,
Bamboo Canes
£ 4.45
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Em Slug Halt Is A Natural Seashell Mix Adding Valuable Trace Minerals To Your Soil While Stopping Slugs From Getting To Your Plants. Suitable For Flow
Em Slug Halt
£ 6.95
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Use this sharp knife specially designed to enable asparagus spears to be easily cut below soil level! Ideal for cutting cabbages and courgettes, trimm
Harvesting And Asparagus Knife
£ 6.99
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Ask any allotment veteran their idea of the best-flavoured winter squash and you can pretty much guarantee this one will come out top of their list. A
Squash Plants Crown Prince
£ 6.99
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Add A Touch Of Style To Your Garden Allotment, Vegetable Plot, Kitchen Garden And Even Your Greenhouse Plant Identification System With These Blackboa
Blackboard Labels (10 Pack And Pencil)
£ 7.95
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These Terracotta Flowerpot Cane Toppers Are A Stylish Solution For Making Tops Of Bamboo Canes Safe And Long Lasting. Supplied In A Pack Of 5 The Terr
Terracotta Flowerpot Cane Toppers (set Of 5)
£ 8.25
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Our Latest Handmade Vintage Wire Hoop Designs Are Made From High Quality 12mm Solid Mild Steel Rod That Will Develop A Beautiful Rust Patina Over Time
Vintage Wire High Top Hoops
£ 8.95
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Hand painted wooden sign, the perfect gift for any gardener, shed lover or allotmenteer! Galvanised metal hanger, 23 x 5cm. Made in Wales.
Wooden Sign Beware Of The Gardener
£ 9.99
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