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Curly Cress has a tongue tingling taste, which will liven up your sandwiches and salads. Sow my seeds: January-December. Choose a container with small
Fun To Grow Seeds: Cress Gang
£ 1.35
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Rudolph's large, tasty, superb quality heads can be picked from October-December (from early sowings) right through to January-February (from later so
Broccoli (sprouting) Seeds Rudolph
£ 1.75
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January King 3 is a hardy drumhead cabbage with matures from December. Easy to grow, it's perfect for steaming or stir fries.
Cabbage Seeds January King 3
£ 1.99
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A quality heritage variety with pure black skin and crisp white flesh. Good for winter salads/stews, adding a real bite. Harvest April-May, October-De
Radish Seeds Black Spanish Round
£ 1.99
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This British-bred leek is a real stunner in the winter veg garden, the leaves changing from blue-green to an eye-catching deep purple during the winte
Leek Seeds Northern Lights F1
£ 2.49
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Plenty of flowers throughout the winter and spring, a stronger variety with less tendancy to go leggy. Medium sized flowers in fabulous pink shades. F
Pansy Panola Seeds Pink Shades
£ 2.50
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Colourful, rich flavoured roots, ideal for roasting and pickling. Contains Chioggia and Cylindra in equal quantities. Harvest July-December. Colourful
Beetroot Seeds Chioggia & Cylindra
£ 2.50
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A vibrant colour combination of striking purple and white heads. Contains All Year Round and Di Sicilia Violetta in equal quantities. Harvest October-
Cauliflower Seeds All The Year Round & Di Scilia Violetta
£ 2.50
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Contains Cabbage Greyhound & Tete Noir in equal quantities. Harvest January-December. Quick and easy to add colour to saladsEasy to grow on the kitche
Cress Seeds Purple & Green
£ 2.50
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Contains Snowball and Golden Ball in equal quanties. Harvest June-December. Quick maturing tasty white and yellow fleshMild sweet flavourEasy to growU
Turnip Seeds White & Yellow
£ 2.50
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