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Dark green medium-sized sprouts from November to February. Strong and very hardy plants.
Brussels Sprout Seeds Bedford Winter Harvest
£ 1.99
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Strong plants producing large, dark green, solid sprouts from autumn into the new year. Late variety. Heritage Seed Variety, 1925 packet details We no
Brussels Sprout Seeds Bedford-fillbasket
£ 1.99
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Plants perform well on a range of soil types and produce an outstanding number of buttons per stem for late season use. Sprouts boast a distinctive bu
Brussels Sprout Seeds F1 Brenden
£ 1.99
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Vigorous plants producing lots of exceptionally sweet buttons per plant. The plants hold well, providing a long harvest window (October-March) and per
Brussels Sprout Seeds F1 Content
£ 1.99
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For those looking for something different, this is a must! It has a sweet mild taste and a colour which deepens in cold weather. Renowned for their ha
Brussels Sprout Seeds Red Ball
£ 1.99
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A mix of vigorous-growing varieties that stand well and perform well on a range of soil types, cropping successionally and ensuring that you have a pl
Brussels Sprout Seeds F1 Continuity Mix
£ 2.49
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Crisp firm texture and long cropping season. Contains Bedford Fillbasket & Red Ball in equal quantities. Harvest October-March. Brighten up christmas
Brussels Sprouts Seeds Bedford Fillbasket & Red Ball
£ 2.50
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High quality buttons with excellent shape, colour and flavour. A first-class brussels sprout, cropping mid October-mid December. Good disease toleranc
Brussels Sprout Seeds F1 Brigitte
£ 2.99
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These unusual-looking sprouts taste divine an outstanding sweet flavour, combining the complex taste of a sprout with the mild, sweet nutty taste of k
Brussels Sprouts Seeds Kalette Flower Sprout Mix
£ 3.49
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These clever collars fit snugly around the stems of cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli and brussels sprouts to prevent the cabbage root fly laying its e
Cabbage Collars
£ 3.99
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