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Privacy Policy and "cookies"

Sunshine City doesn't place any cookies (text files containing bits of information such as username and password) on your computer. It's remotely possible that cookies may be added to our website operation at some stage, to enhance functioning and other capabilities, but this page will be updated should that ever become necessary.

We do link from our pages to an increasing number of outside websites (the British firms that sell the products we display) so these third-party sites will all have their own cookie rules and policies.

Nearly all the stores on our pages are members of long-established affiliate networks - this helps ensure that products we feature are genuine and offered by reputable firms.

Our established policy here is not to share any details about individual website visitors - we value your visits and we believe your privacy deserves to be respected. This is a place just to browse, to find the unexpected, to take your time.

This page may be updated periodically so feel free to check whenever you next visit.

Errors and Omissions Excepted

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